Platinum SEO Package for 30 Keywords

Platinum SEO Package 30 Keywords

Platinum SEO Package for 30 Keywords


Platinum SEO Package for 30 Keywords with 6 Months Maintenance Plan

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Platinum SEO Package for 30 Keywords with 6 Months Maintenance Plan

The process of optimization is broken down into several individual components. These components are as follows:

•Phase I: Site Optimization

• Phase II: Submission

• Phase III: Link Popularity

• Phase IV: Reporting

Phase I:Site Optimization

Consultation Session:
We will research the functionality of your current web site and inform you of any problems that may impede the search engine placement process.

Keyword Research and Recommendations:

Through a combination of manual searches and custom research software, we will help pinpoint the most heavily searched and trafficked keywords for your individual products and services.

Content Writing:

We will provide carefully article writing because we know how to integrate the keywords to cater for the search engine indexing of the site, while making the content rich and interesting to read at the same time. With best SEO article writing services, companies will always have content
that their web pages or websites is worth taking a look.

Website Optimization:
We will modify your site Meta Tags and content so that it has all your keywords in the right densities necessary to achieve high rankings. Your site will also be optimized to be spider friendly to make sure that search engines see every single page of your website. All work will be submitted for your approval before going live.

Site Maps Creation:
If your site does not have a site maps page, one will be created for you. If you already have one then it will be checked to make sure it covers all your important pages and if it is in the correct format.

Dynamic Site Optimization: (If applicable)
If you own a dynamic site such as database driven, ecommerce based or shopping cart based, your site may need special tweaking to make it search engine friendly. We will consult with you and offer you several options and then proceed with implementation.

Phase II: Submission

Free Search Engines and Directories:
Most major search engines have free submission programs. We submit your site to the major search engines after optimization is complete. The major free engines and directories include: Google, Yahoo, Bing and DMOZ (Open Directory).

We also have a list of several free directories that would help with additional traffic and link popularity. In addition, we will research any industry specific free search engines and directories and submit to those.

Fee Based Directories:
Each of the following directories requires a fee for regular or express listings. We have researched several top directories and picked this final list for recommendation to our clients. The purpose of submitting you to these directories is to primarily increase your link popularity, via getting a link from high Page Rank site and from a category that is highly relevant to your topic. A relevant link has a more value than any link.

Fee Based 10-Directories
No. Directory PR Price (*) Type
1 Yahoo Directory 7 $299.00 Annual Fee
2 6 $299.00 Annual Fee
3 7 $99.00 Annual Fee
4 6 $299.95 Life time fee
5 6 $39.99 Life time fee
6 6 $69.99 Life time fee
7 5 $69.95 Life time fee
8 5 $49.00 Life time fee
9 5 $43.00 Life time fee
10 4 $44.99 Life time fee

(*) Prices are subject to change with out notice

Site Maps Submission:

Google, Yahoo and Bing are both offering a Sitemaps submission programs for those sites that are dynamic and have indexing problems. If your site
falls in this category, we will create and submit Sitemaps to Google, Yahoo and Bing via their respective programs.

Phase III: Link Popularity

The more links to a website the better the rankings will be in most search engines. Also, the quality of the site linking to you matters. The closer the topic of the site to yours the better and the more incoming links the site linking to you has the better. We provide the following forms of link popularity enhancement.

Free One-way Links:
We look for industry related websites and directories and manually add or request links. After each link is created, it then needs to be submitted to the search engine in order for search engines to see and count the links in your favor.

Link Exchange:
The link exchange will involve looking for similar sites in your industry and contacting them to see if they would agree to exchange links. We only look for high quality sites having a Google PageRank of 3 or more on the links page. We then build a link page that is hosted on your site and place links to other sites in return for reciprocal link. If you have objections to this program make sure to let us know upfront. You will also have a chance to review the links and let us know if you object to any of the links.

Phase IV: Reporting

Baseline Ranking and Website Position Report:
We will run a ranking report showing all your existing listings in the major search engines before we start. This elaborate report will be sent via email to you for you to help document our progress.

Monthly Ranking and Website Position Report:
Every 30 days, we will run a ranking report to document the progress and send it to you via email.


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